Sigma 2019

North Yorkshire Place Names Anthony Poulton-Smith The definitions are supported by anecdotal evidence, bringing to life the individuals and events which have influenced the places and the way these names have developed. This is not just a dictionary but a history and will prove invaluable not only for those who live and work in the county but also visitors and touri-sts, historians and former inhabitants, indeed anyone with an interest in North Yorkshire. 978-1-910758-08-3 £8.99 NEW TITLES 2019 3 Lakeland Waterfall Walks Mark Gilligan & David Powell-Thompson This book has been written to lead you to one of its the other natural features, namely waterfalls, that also adorn and dress the landscape. Just as significantly, it brings them to life by describing their historical or literary importance. 978-1-910758-03-8 £9.99 Old Airfield Walks David Clark This book contains twenty-five accessible walks throughout the beautiful county of Dorset. For each walk there is a brief description and then more detailed information about distance, gradient and terrain, allowing the reader to make an informed decision about the suitability of their equipment and their own particular needs. 978-1-85058-968-6 £8.99 Mardale Mysteries Richard John Cooke The mystery of what lies beneath the deep waters of Haweswater reservoir has forever attracted human imagination. This tragically changed forever a tranquil backwater in Lakeland into a vast sheet of cold impersonal water. 978-1-910758-06-9 £8.99